Seneca Creek Studios is a full time and full service fine art and portrait photography studio based in Laramie, Wyoming by owner and artist Allison Pluda. Allison started Seneca Creek Studios in 2007 and brings her experiences to life with her natural, vibrant, genuine, and adventurous style. Click here to contact us for your free consultation and let us know how we can help you. Be sure to join the mailing list and get our newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming events, giveaways, promotions, adventures, and inspiration. As a seeker of light, stars, and honest moments, allured by Wyoming’s big mountains and dark skies with her guitar, coffee mug, and husky/german shepherd rescue dog in tow, Allison Pluda combines her natural, vibrant, genuine, and adventurous lifestyle with her vision to create memories and prints that last and wants to be able to bring those experiences to you. Whether you are looking for that perfect print of a vista to calm your nerves and reconnect with the outdoors, want to work together in a custom photo session to create unique professional portraits, or need some updated, fresh, high quality commercial or editorial photography for your business, Allison Pluda at Seneca Creek Studios brings the experience to life with her signature style and durable and unique fine art metal prints. As a professional outdoor fine art, portrait, wedding, and music photographer based out of Laramie, Wyoming, Allison brings the same relentless passion she feels when gazing at the milky way camped in the mountains to every fine art print, photo session, portrait, promo shoot, workshop, live show, licensed stock image, editorial assignment, and art show. She would love to hear from you, so don’t be shy to contact her. © 2017 ALLISON PLUDA, SENECA CREEK STUDIOS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED